Sunglasses MasterPiece Notebook

Sunglasses MasterPiece Notebook

Under The Sunlight
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Have a conversation with yourself. You are the most interesting person you know. Or express your creativity, thoughts and ideas through drawings and doodling. In this chaotic world filled with constant visual and auditory messages, don’t you feel as though you’re on sensory overload? Stop the perpetual imagery and sounds and focus on you. What’s going on in your mind? If you document or draw it, it’s real. It’s tangible. And, it’s yours.

This MasterPiece Notebook provides ample space for you to get lost in your own thoughts. That’s powerful. To take time for you each day is a true gift and it’s one you deserve.

Under the Sunlight has designed this notebook to be beautiful, just like you. They want it to be one with which you make an emotional connection. This way, it will be important in your life. And, you’ll devote yourself to it. 

Start journaling and open up a world of possibilities, dreams and even solutions in your life. It can be a guide to help you achieve your goals and it can be a sounding board to vent your frustrations. And, you’ll find that often, you already know the answers to your most perplexing problems and they’ll reveal themselves in your printed words and images. You only need to take the time to foster that special relationship with yourself.

  • 6.0" x 8.0"
  • 72 dot gridline pages
  • Printed full color on fine quality cover paper
  • Black sewn stitched binding