Mini Sansevieria Cylindrica Boncel Snake in Terracotta Pot

Mini Sansevieria Cylindrica Boncel Snake in Terracotta Pot

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Mini plant potted in a 2.5” terracotta pot is the perfect size for a desk area or windowsill.

Sansevieria are considered a succulent and are far easier to grow than most cactus and succulent. They can thrive on neglect! They can handle being dry for extended periods of time but also can handle being moist for extended periods of time as long as they are not soaking wet or sitting in water . They are known to be one of the best air purifying plants available due to being able to continue purifying the air through the night . Sansevierias literally thrive off neglect and make perfect beginners plants or for your personal collection . They can be kept as a house plant , porch/patio, or even in the ground outside as long as it’s kept within its light preferences.

Care Instructions

  • indirect sunlight
  • water weekly or when soil is dry
  • when watering move it to the sink or outdoor, be cautious of the drain hole at the bottom on the pot. 

**This product is available for Curbside Pick-Up only. Will not be shipped.