Workshops at Maker's Loft

Workshops at Maker's Loft Oakland are a great way to learn a new skill and to build community through a shared experience. Perfect for individuals and groups. Choose your virtual workshop and we well ship you a kit full of curated materials so you can be ready for your two hour experience.

Virtual Workshops for 2021

Giant Knit Blanket workshop
Make a gorgeous throw blanket using merino wool roving (wool fiber before it’s spun into yarn). You will learn a “table knitting” technique that doesn’t require knitting needles, plus tips and tricks for working with this giant yarn.

Crochet Rope Basket workshop
In this introduction to crochet, students use their fingers rather than a crochet hook to make a flat round, then build the sides of the basket with a different stitch. Optional leather handles finish the basket.

Beeswax Food Wraps workshop
Choose from a variety of colorful fabrics and coat them with a layer of melted beeswax to create eco-friendly reusable food wraps.

Painting workshop
This workshop will cover the basics of watercolor or acrylic painting and is customized for the audience. We will start with understanding our color palette and then will cover several techniques. 

Visioning and Journaling workshop
This visioning workshop is designed  to help you identify your intentions for the upcoming year and set goals that will enable you to manifest them. This will be a creative and fun workshop involving a mix of guided visualizations and inquiry-based exercises for gaining clarity and making plans.

Terrarium workshop
During this workshop, attendees will get their hands dirty putting together a beautiful terrarium using a curated selection of high-quality materials, including moss, rocks, and a live succulent plant. You will be guided through the terrarium-building process, providing tips and insight on how to care for the plants to help them thrive. These terrariums are easy to care for and add a nice touch of nature to any indoor setting. Each Succulent Terrarium Kit Includes Glass bowl, Succulent plant, Soil, Decorative mosses, Small and large decorative rocks, and Drainage gravel.