We are continuing to monitor the unfolding COVID-19 crisis that has significantly affected many communities and is now being spread from social in-person interactions. Our workshops are in-person gatherings that can not be switch to a virtual class so following the precautious measures as a number of high-profile events, conventions, and conferences that have been either postponed or canceled, we have also decided to postpone our upcoming workshops. Being that the symptoms of COVID-19 may not show up at the beginning of being infected, people could have the virus and be unaware of it. We believe that by postponing our social gathers we are taking the necessary precautions to protect you, ourselves, and other high-risk individuals in our community.

We thought about having smaller size classes to create more distance but unfortunately, our space is not large enough to give a 6-foot space as recommended by the CDC. As our local authorities have also canceled or reschedule city events and events held at city buildings, we planned to follow their guidance and health advisory about the outbreak. 

As of now we are in contact with the workshop leads to look at new dates in April, but please keep in mind that those dates might also be postponed further out. If you had signed up for any of these affected workshops you should have received an email with the new tentative dates. Your ticket will be automatically moved to the new date, however, if it conflicts with your schedule and we can discuss moving you to another workshop date, please email us.

We appreciate and are thankful for your understanding as well as those of you who reached out with concerns.  We will get through this!