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​​Wishcraft Goods creates home decor and accessories to support your modern spiritual practice. These creations honor the balance of light and shadow, the moon in all its phases, and the personal power ignited by spiritual seeking. Each piece is lovingly designed and crafted by art witch Maggie Wilhite in her backyard studio in Austin, Texas. Wishcraft's Goods include: - pouches and tote bags for your tarot cards, crystals, and other magical treasures - trays, bowls, and cloths for your altar, crystals, or jewelry - witchy enamel pins and vinyl stickers - mystical mugs for whatever brew you’re sipping on - inspiring wall hangings and printable digital downloads to adorn your sacred space - designs featuring magical creatures like cats, wolves, mermaids, owls, unicorns, and more! If there's a design/item combo you don't see, please feel free to message me! Happy to create it for you. xo Maggie
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