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Snake Plant 10” in Matte White Pot

Snake Plant 10” in Matte White Pot

Rust & Flourish
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Everyone needs a snake plant in their life! This 8” snake plant in potted in a 10” matte whit planter big enough to sit on the floor. Together they stand tall at 24”.

Snake Plant

  • purifies the air
  • produces oxygen
  • great indoor plant

Care Instructions:

  • indirect sunlight
  • allow soil to dry between watering
  • water when soil is dry - stick finger into soil to check
  • do not over water in winter
  • avoid getting leaves wet when watering

    These indoor plant creations are by Rust & Flourish, a local floral event designer. View entire collection here

    **This product is available for Curbside Pick-Up only. Will not be shipped.