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Did you ever wonder what all those jars in an old apothecary shop hold? And what they do? Have you ever been tempted to walk into the $10 Tarot Reading shop you pass every day on your way to work? What exactly was your unconscious trying to tell you with that crazy dream last night? I wanted to find out. After many years of meditation, reading friend’s Tarot Cards (as well as my own), herbalism courses and digging through dream interpretation books, I created Divine Balance Co. This brand is for the occult-curious, and for the Good Witch. Perhaps you have a strange feeling in that one corner of your space that perhaps some light sage-smudging could clear. Maybe you purchased an Amethyst stone because it was pretty, but what if it could calm your anxiety as well? Anything that is useful and boosts magical power is worth having; if it is beautiful, that’s a bonus. Always remember, the real magic lies within yourself. You don’t have to believe in magic to enjoy Divine Balance Co. -- You just have to want to.
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